How Amara improved their outreach by 150% with Insight

Amara is a nonprofit organization that helps people in developing countries by provided hygiene care in the after effects of natural disasters and other crises. They were looking for ways to improve their outreach and reach more people.

When Amara first came to us, they had already made a significant contribution to the charitable giving community by building a dedicated platform for nonprofits, donors and volunteers. They were looking for another way to expand their reach in the industry—they wanted to use the technology they had developed to help more nonprofits communicate better with their supporters.

Impacting the world with essential needs

Insights' first step was to get to know Amara better—we conducted surveys and interviews with everyone from the executive team down to the interns, collecting information on what kind of messages their audience responds best to, what channels they use to discover new nonprofits, how they feel about certain issues related to the work they do, etc.

Once we have a better understanding of how the client defines success, we can begin developing a bespoke strategy that will help them achieve their goals for growth. We take into account current resources, develop a plan for implementation, and create a road map for future opportunities.

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