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How Amara improved their outreach by 150% with Insight

Amara is a nonprofit organization that helps people in developing countries by provided hygiene care in the after effects of natural disasters and other crises. They were looking for ways to improve their outreach and reach more people.

Case Studies

Coil transforms its technology architecture and strategy

Coil, a leader in the rapidly growing Internet of Things (IoT) space, recently partnered with Insight Consulting to help the company transform its technology architecture and strategy. The IoT industry is projected to grow to $7 trillion by 2020, and Coil has taken steps to position itself as a leader in this burgeoning space.

How we worked with Moven to expand their new hotel launch across Europe

As partners with Moven, we’re always looking for new ways to help the company reach its goals. One of those goals is to spread the Moven brand across Europe, specifically into Germany and France. With the launch of a joint venture with a major hotel chain, we knew that there was an opportunity to get our name out to travelers and generate awareness of our technology.

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